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Eco Friendly

In complete respect for nature and environment (the place is officially safeguarded and protected by the European Union for its natural and geological features) the Relais Colle San Giorgio makes use of the latest modern technologies for heat energy and electricity production employing renewable, sustainable sources. Moreover the new, anti-seismic building grants safety and comfort to its guests.

The Relais Colle San Giorgio produces thermal energy by means of pellet burning.
The Relais has a new generation, high-efficiency P4 Pellet Froling boiler.

This pellet-burning appliance grants safety, maximizes its efficiency, produces very little air pollution inferior to the official level fixed by the Italian and European regulations,  has a  rational use of renewable energy resources (pellets) as well as a fully automatic functioning. Moreover the Relais Colle San Giorgio produces energy by means of a modern solar photovoltaic system meeting the heating needs of the home throughout the year.

The Relais is a bioclimatic structure built with natural stuffs and with an excellent insulation system.  An automatic heating  and air conditioning system is present in each room.
All the rooms have natural solid wood furniture.

The Relais’ s constant attention to the environment is also proved  by the wide garden surrounding the house.